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Porta Client, the lightweight Porta Switch client, has been released also for Android.


PortaClientAppPortaClient, the lightweight Porta Switch client for iPhone has been released.

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AuDAO version 1.0 was released. Now you can download a standalone version. More information at


Astrock the Astronomical Clock featuring the sun, moon and planets

Shortcut to the manual (PDF)

Looking for a clock that offers a real-time sky map, daylight awareness and a bird's eye view to planet positions? This mesmerizing time piece offers an all-in-one solution, combining the sun, moon and planets as they move across the sky using a captivating medieval astrolabe.

The Astrock features:

  • Sunrise, sunset, twilight, and the golden hour all in an intuitive manner, no numbers involved
  • Current, future and past position of the moon and planets in the sky
  • Lunar phases, solar time and the Zodiac sign

This can be especially useful for:

  • Outdoor activities such as biking, camping, boating etc. to know when it gets dark
  • Traveling across time zones
  • Photography to know when the golden (external link) and blue hours will occur
  • Tracing planets in the night sky
  • Educational tool – for example, to see when the sun sets on the North pole

The clock was inspired by the astonishing astronomical clock (Orloj (external link)) in Prague, which is a major tourist attraction to this day. Dated back to 1410 AD the clock in Prague was a technical and mathematical masterpiece of that time. Two hundreds year later it inspired astronomer Johannes Kepler (external link) to write his famous laws. The Astrock makes the original Orloj like a palm size planetarium (external link) that fits in your pocket.

For some children as well as adults, the clock enhances the imagination and thirst for knowledge even six hundred years later. Do the circular movement of the sun and planets across the celestial sphere, along with the circular movement of the hour dial and circular shape of the Zodiac have something in common?

The application is available for the iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. Please refer to our manual (PDF) for more details and terms of use.

Three easy steps: